Sambalpur: 14-yr-old girl commits suicide after parents scold her for using mobile for long


Sambalpur: A 14-year-old girl committed suicide allegedly after being scolded by parents for using mobile phone for long hours. The incident has been reported from Dalaipada in Sambalpur.

According to police, the girl, a student of an English medium school here. Due to the shutdown of school over the pandemic situation, the minor girl was spending more time using mobile phone. Following this, her parents were regularly scolding her to avoid usage of smartphone for long hours.

Yesterday, the parents again reprimanded her from using mobile phone. As a result, the minor girl went inside her room, locked the door from inside and hanged herself to the ceiling with a ‘dupatta’, the police said.

The body was seized this morning and sent to Burla hospital for post-mortem, the police added.

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