Salim-Sulaiman Mesmerize Audience At Marine Drive Eco Retreat


Konark: Bollywood duo of Salim-Sulaiman dazzled the audience of hundreds at the Marine Drive Eco Retreat organized by Odisha Tourism at Konark.

The duo made a rocking entry on to the stage with crowds cheering as they kick-started with their popular track “Qurbaan Hua”.

They then moved on to more subtle songs like “Ishq Wala Love” and showed some dance movements which got them a thunderous applause.

Both of them along with Vipul Mehta (Indian Idol Winner) ended the concert on a high note with “Chak De” performance which had the entire audience join in.

Salim-Sulaiman said: “Odisha is a beautiful state with stunning monuments like Konark which we visited earlier this morning. Odisha Tourism has done a great job with the Eco Retreat and it’s an amazing setting to perform. The audience was amazing tonight.”

Vishal K. Dev, IAS, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Odisha Tourism said: “It was one of our second final star performance night and the energy of both the singers and audience was incredible.”

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