Saisha Shinde Reveals She Was In A “Relationship With A Boyfriend-Girlfriend”


Mumbai: In one of the episodes of Lock Upp, Saisha Shinde talks about the past when she was in a relationship with a man and a woman at the same time and termed it “Throuple”.

Saisha said, “I gave them 4-5 secrets. One of them was – I was once in a throuple.”

Payal asked the meaning of the word Throuple and Saisha Shinde explained, “I have been in a ‘relationship’ with a boyfriend-girlfriend. The three of us were in a relationship. I was the Queen. Both of them loved me more than they loved each other. That was one of my best… whatever it was. This was before I became Saisha. That’s the thing. After being Saisha, I haven’t explored. There have been so many insecurities. Can I be comfortable enough to be without makeup in front of others. Because then they can see what I look like before and after. You can’t deny that without makeup there’s still masculinity there. So that insecurity has been with me. In this show, the whole world has seen me with and without makeup. So that insecurity has gone down the dustbin. I am so thankful that all of this has happened.”


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