Safety-Related Modernisation Work: Three Trains Cancelled For A Month


Bhubaneswar: In view of safety-related modernisation work over South East Central Railway jurisdiction, three pairs of long-distance trains originating and terminating in East Coast Railway jurisdiction are being cancelled for one more month

Following are the trains cancelled:-

  1. 12880/12879 Bhubaneswar-Mumbai LTT-Bhubaneswar Express from Bhubaneswar every Monday & Thursday will remain cancelled up to 23.06.2022 and from LTT every Wednesday & Saturday will remain cancelled up to 18.06.2022.
  2. 22866/22865 Puri-LTT-Puri Express from Puri on Tuesdays will remain cancelled up to 21.06.2022 and from LTT every Thursday will remain cancelled up to 23.06.2022.
  3. 22847/22848 Visakhapatnam-LTT-Visakhapatnam Express from Visakhapatnam every Sunday will remain cancelled up to 19.06.2022 and from LTT every Tuesday will remain cancelled up to 21.06.2022.

Following trains will remain cancelled on 28.05.2022 & 29.05.2022 from both the directions for safety-related modernisation work in connection with Track Maintenance in sensitive areas over Waltair and Sambalpur Division of East Coast Railway.

These Trains are…

  1. 18301/18302 Sambalpur-Rayagada-Sambalpur Express.
  2. 22820/22819 Visakhapatnam-Bhubaneswar-Visakhapatnam Inter City Express.
  3. 18532/18531 Visakhapatnam-Palasa-Visakhapatnam Express.
  4. 08546/08545 Visakhapatnam-Koraput-Visakhapatnam Passenger Special.
  5. 18417/18418 Puri-Gunupur-Puri Express.
  6. 08428/08427 Puri-Angul-Puri Passenger Special.

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