Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Appreciates India’s ‘Independent, Balanced’ Stand During UNSC Voting


New Delhi: A day after India abstained from voting on the UNSC resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Embassy in New Delhi on Saturday appreciated India’s “independent and balanced position” in this regard.

Taking to Twitter, Russian Embassy in India, wrote: “Highly appreciate India’s independent and balanced position at the voting in the UNSC on February 25, 2022. In the spirit of the special and privileged strategic partnership Russia is committed to maintain close dialogue with India on the situation around Ukraine.”

India along with China and the UAE abstained from voting during Saturday’s emergency session of the UNSC, which was called to discuss a United States-back resolution that ‘deplored’ Russia’s ‘aggression’ against Ukraine. Of the 15 UNSC members, as many as 11 permanent and non-permanent members backed the resolution which was co-written by the US and Albania. France, UK, US, Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, and Norway voted to adopt the resolution. However, eventually, the resolution was not adopted as Russia, being a permanent UNSC member, used its veto power to block the move.

Explaining why India abstained, TS Tirumurti, its envoy to the UN, listed eight points which, according to him, led to the decision.

“India is deeply disturbed by the recent turn of developments in Ukraine and urges for an “immediate cessation of violence and hostilities,” said T.S. Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

“All member states need to honour these principles in finding a constructive way forward. Dialogue is the only answer to settling differences & disputes, however daunting that may appear at this moment,” he added.

Asserting it’s a matter of regret that the path of diplomacy was given up, Tirumurti said: “We must return to it. For all these reasons, India has chosen to abstain on this resolution.”He said “no solution can ever be arrived at the cost of human lives”.

“We are also deeply concerned about the welfare of the Indian community, including a large number of students, in Ukraine. The contemporary global order has been built on the UN Charter, international law and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states,” Tirumurti told the United Nations as Russia vetoed the resolution to halt the offensive.

“All members need to honour these principles and find a constructive way forward. Dialogue is the only answer to settling disputes. However, daunting it may appear at this moment,” he added.

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