Russia and China abstain as UNSC adopts resolution on Taliban


Beijing: China, which along with Russia abstained from voting on the UN Security Council Afghanistan resolution on Monday, made it clear in its explanation to the 15-member body that it had “huge doubts about the necessity and urgency of adopting this resolution and the balance of its content”.

China told the Council that it was necessary for the international community to “engage with the Taliban, and actively provide them with guidance”. Russia went a step further to highlight the “negative impact of evacuation of highly skilled, qualified Afghan personnel” on Afghanistan’s “socio-economic situation”.

The resolution, the first to be adopted after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul on August 15, said the territory of Afghanistan is not to be used to threaten any country or shelter terrorists, and that the international community expects the Taliban to adhere to the commitments they made regarding the safe and orderly departure of Afghans and all foreign nationals from the country.

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