Rs 6995.58 Cr Sanctioned To Odisha In Railway Budget


Bhubaneswar: The Union Government has sanctioned Rs 6995.58 crore for Odisha in the Railway Budget. The allocation of funds is 60% more than the last financial year.  Total budget outlay for Odisha in 2020-21 was Rs 4373.00 crore.

The allotment has been significant for projects to be completed in 2021-22. Funding is to ensure that no progress is hindered for lack of funds. There has been a significant increase in outlay for Passenger amenities, Road Safety works, in terms of Road Under Bridge and Over Bridges, and LHS, the Railways said.

Khurda Road-Balangir project has been allotted with Rs 1000.50 Cr against 520 Crores last year, an increase of 92.4% .

Funding for doubling projects especially, Bansapani-Daitari-Tomka-Jakhapura Rs 228 Cr against 80 Cr last year (an increase of 185%), Brundamal-Jharsuguda Fly Over (20 Cr against 10 Cr last year), Bhadrak-Nergundi 3rd Line (Rs 229 Cr against 102 Cr last  year), Budhapank-Salagaon (Rs 215 Cr against 205 Cr last year), Rourkela-Jharsuguda 3rd Line (230 Cr as against 170 Cr an increase of 35%), Narayangarh-Bhadrak 3rd Line (225 as against 50 Cr an increase of 350%).

A quantum jump has been given to passenger amenities from 129 Cr to 429 cr. To eliminate level crossings of LC Gates Rs 400 Cr has been sanctioned as against 324 Cr last year.

Total budget outlay for development of infrastructure and safety related works for Odisha is Rs 5528 Cr for 2021-22, which does not include many other projects and estimates as they are not significant enough for mention at ministry level; but for ECoR and Odisha, these are important development works. The funding for Odisha in 2021-22 under all plan heads combined is Rs 6995.58 Cr.

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