Royal family members urge people to take COVID jabs


London: Anti-vaccination messages are rife on social media, Prince William has said. He has urged the people to get the coronaviurs jabs at the earliest.

A similar appeal was also issued by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The message of Duke of Cambridge  came after the 94-year-old Queen on Thursday urged people to take up the vaccine saying it “didn’t hurt at all,” when she received it in January, along with Prince Philip.

The Queen said that those who feared getting the vaccine, “ought to think about other people rather than themselves.”

The vaccine uptake so far has been “amazing,” the prince said, while the task now is to ensure that younger generations “feel that it’s really important for them to have it.”

The royal family is speaking out as health officials have voiced concerns over lower take-up among ethnic minority communities. The UK so far has given more than 19 million jabs to the people.

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