Royal Bengal Tiger Mahavir found dead in Satkosia Tiger Reserve


Angul: Royal Bengal Tiger Mahavir, which was translocated from the Kanha Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh, was found dead in Satkosia Tiger Reserve (STR) in Angul district on Wednesday afternoon.

According to sources, the big cat ‘Mahavir’, was found dead in Raiguda range on Hindol-Narsinghpur border- the core area of STR. There were injury marks on the neck of the dead tiger, the sources added.

Though the exact cause of the tiger’s death is yet to be known, it is suspected that the Royal Bengal tiger died as his injuries caught an infection.

It is suspected that the tiger was caught in a snare trap laid by poachers. While extricating himself, the big cat might have sustained an injury in the neck and later the wound would have developed into septicemia causing his death.

When the officials were unable to get a signal from the radio collar of the male tiger, they launched a search operation and found him dead in the core area of the Tiger reserve last afternoon.

Though the prima facie investigation suggests that Mahavir died because of five days old maggoted infected wound in his dorsal neck, the reason behind the injuries he sustained in his neck is yet to be ascertained.

NTCA representatives, local NGO and others in accordance with the SPO by NTCA will conduct the postmortem of the male tiger carcass and the actual reason behind the death will be known after the release of the autopsy report, informed Satkosia Reserve authorities.

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