Role of Urgent Care in Mosquito-Borne and Other Insect-Borne Diseases


There are so many illnesses that are spread by the mosquito. In this article, we will be discussing majorly the role of urgent care centers mosquito-borne diseases and other insect borne diseases. The insect mosquito has so any viruses that are spread through a mosquito bite. This is a question that many people tend to always ask themselves.

A mosquito bite is very annoying and itchy. It tends to make someone uncomfortable. There is a need for the urgent care center if the problem happened on weekends and other holidays when hospitals are off. for these mosquito-borne diseases and other illness which are brought as to the result of insect bites.

The following are some of examples of viruses that are always brought about by a mosquito. The first virus is the west Nile virus. This was discovered in America back in the year 1999 and it has always remained as one of the most common mosquito transmitted disease. Although urgent care is needed for this virus, most of its victims do not show any signs of symptoms and can recover well without any form of medication. The second virus is known to be Malaria.

This is the most well-known virus that has been affecting so many people around the world. Malaria has been affecting about 345-400 million of people in the world. This kind of virus has symptoms that are flu like. It also causes chills and fever. It is also a killer disease for small children aged below 5 years of age. This virus needs an urgent care from people and all health organizations so as to stop its spread. Using mosquito nets and repellents is also recommended in the fight against this illness. Malaria can be cured by antibiotics but also can cause death if not well treated.Chikungunya is another virus that needs urgent care. It causes high fever, pains to the muscles, headaches and pains to the joints. It is well known to last for a longer period than other mosquito borne illness. It can take a period of two to one month and has no cur. In this case, a person needs to take urgent care and measures to avoid this virus. It rarely causes death. The last virus is known as The yellow fever. It is rarely experienced by victims although if experienced a victim can show the symptoms of fever, vomiting and also nausea. Vaccine can prevent it. In conclusion, urgent care is needed for all mosquito borne diseases.

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