Rohit Sharma Details His Captaincy Mantra Ahead Of Greatest Rivalry At Asia Cup 2022


After taking over the reins from Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma is all set to face his next big test as Team India captain in the Asia Cup 2022, LIVE and exclusive on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from August 27-September 11th, 2022. The Hitman has an extraordinary record as T20I captain, winning 29 of the 35 games he’s been in charge. Since being handed the captain’s role, Rohit Sharma-led Men in Blue have dominated teams across the T20I format and gained many plaudits for their performances. With the countdown for the Asia Cup 2022 and the Greatest Rivalry between India and Pakistan (on August 28th) underway, the stakes will be higher than ever for the Hitman and the team to become the Champions of Asia for the eighth time.

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports show ‘Follow The Blues’, Team India captain Rohit Sharma detailed his captaincy mantra and how he and the squad handle pressure before marquee tournaments such as the Asia Cup 2022,For me as a captain, it is very important that we create an environment for the players where they don’t feel that it’s a very high pressure environment. We try and create (an environment) for the guys to come out in this team and try have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Because I strongly feel that it’s important not to allow the pressure to creep in too much. When you’re playing, obviously, there will be pressure because when you are holding the ball in your hand, there is pressure on you as a bowler. When you’re batting in the middle, there is pressure, and that is what you have to handle on your own. The captain or coach or anyone, no one can do nothing about it, but yourself. So, I think those aspects – Of course, it is your responsibility, but there are so many other factors that come in to play and I feel I need to take care of it.”

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Rohit further spoke about his role as captain to build a rapport with every individual in the team and assist every individual improve their performances, specially while going through rough patches. He said,“When you know certain players are going through tough times, we try to give them a clear understanding of what’s happening. Making him understand what we expect from him, his role in this team, and all those kind of things. So, I don’t go with any particular mantra when I play the game. Obviously, for me it’s just to quickly adapt to certain individuals and then understand what they need, what are their strong points, where they are weak, try and you know give them feedback and work with them; be very specific in what the team is expecting from that individual. That is where the individual can blossom because when we give them the clarity of what the team is expecting from you, I think he will be able to work towards that direction and he can work on his game in many ways and then improve his game as well. So, I think those are the things that I always keep in mind.”

Fans can watch Star Sports show ‘Follow The Blues’ to catch Rohit Sharma talk about his memories from Asia Cup 2018 and India vs Pakistan on Sunday,August 21st, 2022 at 9 AM

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