Rohingya refugees to be moved to Bangladesh island


Dhaka: Rohingya living in Bangladesh refugee camps have agreed to settle in an island in the Bay of Bengal despite the site being prone to flooding.

Officials in Dhaka said they wanted to move 100,000 refugees to the muddy silt islet to take pressure off the overcrowded border camps.

According to reports , nearly 740,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar in August 2017 in the face of a military crackdown.

Mahbub Alam, Bangladesh’s refugee commissioner, said officials overseeing the relocation would be posted to Bhashan Char island in the next few days.

Alam did not say when the refugees would be moved, but a senior Navy officer involved in building facilities on the island said it could start by December.

Rights groups have warned the island, which emerged from the sea only about two decades ago, might not be able to withstand violent storms during the annual monsoon season.


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