Riverbed turns gold mine in Malkangiri


Malkangiri: The Saberi riverbed near tribal-dominated Sunajharia area of Malkangiri block has turned into a gold mine for the local residents here.

Locals here have been seen roaming around the seabed in search of gold from the sand.

According to reports, the locals are lifting sand from the riverbed in small plates made up of wood and then cleaning it with river water.

The locals claimed that after finishing the cleaning process, the gold glitters. Again they rushed to the same place, where they have collected the sand for more gold and keep repeating the job for more gold pieces.

The locals continue the job for 10 to 15 times a day and extract gold of worth around Rs 3,000.

After collecting the gold these tribals visit Jeypore town in Koraput district once in a week and sale it to the goldsmiths.

On the other hand, replying to the answer of a question at the State Assembly, the minister had answered that the state has eight gold mines.

It was also suspected that Subabahi stone, which is available at Gopur, Gajipu, Kushakala, Adala, Telkoi, Saleikana, Dimirimunda and Kardanga areas in Keonjhar district, Jasipur, Suriaguda, Ruansi, Idelkumba, Maredihi, Suleipat and Badampahad areas in Mayurbhanj, district contains gold.

Similarly, some areas in Sundergarh, Malkangiri, Koraput, Nabarangpur and Angul districts have gold, especially in the riverbed.

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