Rituals at Lingaraj Temple resume after 2 days


Bhubaneswar: After a two-day disruption, the rituals of Lord Shiva at Lingaraj Temple here resumed on Wednesday after written assurance from Endowment Commissioner.

The rituals began with ‘Mangal Alati’ at 4 pm onwards, informed Brahmin Nijog president.

The priests agreed to resume rituals from today after it took more than 36 hours to the temple administration to settle the land dispute in

The servitors alleged that the Badu Nijog of the shrine illegally occupied Lord Lingaraj’s land and began construction work on the property.

Rituals could not be held due to the dispute between the servitors and Badu Nijog of the shrine. Following the dispute, the members of Brahmin Nijog and Pujapanda Nijog had halted the rituals at the Lingaraj temple for the past two days.

Notably, Brahmin and Puja Panda servitors had suspended all the rituals on Tuesday opposing illegal construction by Badu Nijog on a piece of land that belongs to Lord Lingaraj on banks of Gangua canal.

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