Rising water level in Hirakud Dam touches 615.52 feet by 9 AM


Sambalpur: The rising water level in Hirakud Dam reservoir touched 615.52 feet by 9 AM on Monday following heavy rainfall in the upper catchment area of Mahanadi River.

According to reports, the water level reached 615.37 feet by 6 AM today while 615.52 feet water was reported by 9 AM. Around 90, 364 cusec water is entering the dam against the outflow of 18, 857 cubic feet water. Similarly, the outflow was 15, 132 cusec through canals, power channel besides, water for industries.

The dam authorities had already decided to open the sluice gates on August 14 to release the season’s first flood water.

The maximum storage capacity of the dam is 630 feet, while the dead storage level of the reservoir for agriculture and power generation is 590 feet. The dead storage level for industries is 595 feet.

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