Respect COVID norms to stay safe, says Bhubaneswar Observer Anu Garg


Bhubaneswar: COVID Observer for Bhubaneswar, Smt Anu Garg today said that COVID-19 testing in the city has been ramped up to over 1,700 tests per day.

Addressing a scheduled presser at Geeta Govinda Sadan here on Saturday, Garg said: “More cases are being detected by the day and the more we test, the better.”

Garg informed that the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has engaged counsellors for socio-psycho counselling. The counsellors have already given psycho counseling to 460 persons added that they are available the whole day. They can be contacted at 1929. They are also suo motu contacting people, she added.

The COVID Observer said there were discussions with market/trader associations regarding the implementation of COVID protocols at market places.

Treatment facility and testing have increased in the BMC area. Besides KIIMS and SUM Hospital, COVID Hospitals at Nilachal and Aditya-Ashwini have become operational. Additional 5 COVID Care Centres and 4 COVID Care Homes have been readied for the purpose.

The COVID Observer said people should cooperate like standing in a queue and waiting outside the shop. Wearing of masks is a must, she added.

She advised people not to visit the market every day to get their stuff and rely mostly upon online shopping.

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