Reliance Jio Launches Free Video Conferencing App “JioMeet”


New Delhi: Indian telecom operator Reliance on Thursday launched JioMeet, a high definition video-conferencing application. The app is open to all users.

JioMeet supports scheduling meetings and screen sharing among other features. It is free to use.

Video conferencing apps have become popular globally amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as working professionals have been forced to work from home in the wake of extensive lockdowns with restrictions on movement.

JioMeet supports direct calls (1:1 calling) as well as hosting meetings with up to 100 participants. As per Reliance Jio, the app offers enterprise-grade host controls. You can sign up with your phone number or email ID, and the meetings support HD quality. It’s free to use and you can create unlimited meetings per day, and the meetings can also be password protected and supports a waiting room like Zoom.

Apart from this, there are some Zoom-like features in JioMeet including share screen features. There is also a mode called “Safe Driving Mode” which seems like a “Do Not Disturb” feature that we have in phones. This could mean that you will not get disturbed by the app if you switch on the Safe Driving Mode.

Another feature that could make JioMeet, the most preferred video conferencing app is the multi-device support, which allows users to log in to 5 devices simultaneously. WhatsApp has been working on this feature for the longest time now but JioMeet already has it. The multi-device support would allow users to log in to five different devices using a single ID. This feature would also let users seamlessly switch from one device to another while on a call.

Although the app is now available to the public, Jio had been testing it for a couple of months, and you can see comments on Google Play showing how it used to require an invite code.

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