Reasons Why You Should Include Betel Leaf In Your Diet In Summers


New Delhi: Betel leaf, also known as paan is a heart-shaped leaf used in religious events, marriages, and poojas.  Paan, or betel leaf, is claimed to have been one of the items that emerged from the churning of the oceans by devas and asuras during Samudra Manthan.  These leaves have several medicinal properties and also help in the treatment of various diseases and disorders.

Mouth/breath freshener

Betel leaf oil helps in preventing tooth decay and also keeps our teeth and gums healthy. Not just this, the oil produced from betel leaf also keeps our breath fresh, prevents bad breath, stops oral bleeding and helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Just mix a few drops of betel leaf oil with one cup of warm water and gargle every morning and night. You’ll see the difference right after the first use.


Betel leaf also helps in preventing or curing sunstroke. Many kids complain of a bleeding nose while playing in the sunlight during summers. You can roll a betel leaf and insert in into the nose of the child, making them lie down. The bleeding will soon stop as betel leaf contains properties which help in clotting and preventing unnecessary blood flow.

Ease Ear Pain

Another major benefit of betel leaf is that it stops earaches. By mixing a few drops of either betel leaf juice or its oil into coconut oil and dropping it into your ear will help eradicate out the pain quickly.


Just like many of our home ingredients, betel leaf too contains antiseptic properties. The betel leaf oil contains a phenol which is called chavicol, which can be used for treating patients who suffer from arthritis.

Good for skin

It prevents/cures skin allergies, rashes due to dry skin, dark spots, in removing sunburns. Mixing freshly crushed juice of betel leaves with turmeric and then applying it on the face helps in removing all the above-mentioned problems. Use it for a few days and you’ll see the difference.

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