Reasons Why Hibiscus Tea Is Beneficial For Your Health


New Delhi: Hibiscus tea may not be a categorical tea as it doesn’t come from the Camellia Sinensis plant like black tea and green tea, but it’s a beautiful infusion that is delicious whether served hot and steaming or when chilled with ice as a refreshing summer pick-me-up. It also has the benefit of being caffeine-free, making it a delectable choice for those wanting to sip all the health benefits of hibiscus flowers without the caffeine crash.

1.  Cholesterol

Sipping on hibiscus tea can work wonders when it comes to cutting down on your cholesterol levels. Yes, this unique little flower that is turned into hibiscus extract has been carefully studied to see if it had a positive impact on high blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Heart health and blood pressure are truly where the sour and delicious hibiscus tea seems to shine. A study showed that just drinking three cups of tea in adults at risk of hypertension was enough to see a drop in their systolic blood pressure in comparison to those given a placebo. Full of anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus tea is great for your heart health and can help to keep your blood pressure on the right side.

3. Weight Loss

While body weight is a complex issue and dealing with unhealthy obesity requires a proper schedule of exercise and lifestyle changes, hibiscus tea is considered to be a contender in helping with body fat.

4. Immune System

Snuggle up with a cup of hibiscus tea and let all that vitamin C give your immune system a much-needed boost. Vitamin C is one of the major players in fending off colds and flu that come with seasonal change. This vibrant red tea can keep you in tip-top shape thanks to its abundance of vitamins and minerals, the Vit C can also help your body to fend off all kinds of infections. In short, all it takes is a cup to feel as strong as an ox.

5. Liver Health

This pomegranate-coloured beverage has been studied for helping to prevent liver damage as it can help increase the concentration of detoxifying enzymes. While these studies were conducted using hibiscus extract and more human studies are needed, it stands to reason that hibiscus tea can be a useful tool in the fight against future liver problems.

6. Vitamins

Hibiscus tea also comes topped up with copper and potassium, which are essential sources of iron and keep our nerves and immune system functioning. Finally, it also has anthocyanins which are responsible for that rich ruby colouring but also help to prevent chronic disease and are ripe with antibacterial benefits too.

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