Reasons Why Eating Too Much Guava Can Be Bad For Your Health


New Delhi: Guava is one of the most popular fruit among adults as well as children. However, despite its many advantages, eating way too much guava can be detrimental to health. This fact is lesser-known, as many believe fruits are healthy foods and can’t harm in any way. Here we have listed some reasons why eating too much Guava can be bad for your health.

Affects Digestion

Sufferings from digestive issues have become common given the sedentary lifestyle most of us live. But sometimes, not junk a couple of fruits can also affect your digestion if taken in large quantities. Guava is packed with a type of sugar called fructose. Our body cannot digest a large quantity of these elements.

Hence, many might experience bloated stomachs after having too many guavas, as it disrupts smooth bowel systems. If health reports are to be believed, many people are suffering from fructose malabsorption, a condition where this type of sugar is absorbed in the small intestine.

Boosts Blood Sugar Level

It is significant to have a stable blood sugar level in the body to live a healthy life. While many nutritionists claim any kind of natural sugar can’t harm your body, a few health reports say overconsumption of fruits like guava can spike your blood sugar levels. Other than increasing your blood sugar, it may also make you unable to sustain sugar for very long.

Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Have you ever experienced an upset stomach after eating guava? This is because guava can cause diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome in many individuals. This happens due to the presence of seeds in guava. While it is necessary for the fruits to have those seeds, not every human can digest those as they are designed to survive and grow as trees.

Many Fruits (Guava) Are Prone To Bacterial Contamination

Fruits grow on true, and guava is no exception. But with this comes the risk of being exposed to various bacteria. A couple of them like E. coli and salmonella are known to stick to fruits like guava through water and soil.

No matter how hard is the exterior of the fruit, it can always make its way in. Hence, always be careful while ingesting guava. Wash it, cut it, and then have it to stay safe from any unknown danger.

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