Ravenshaw vice chancellor resigns over student clash


Cuttack: Ravenshaw University vice chancellor PC Sarangi today resigned over a student clash on November 21 last year. He sent his resignation to the Governor after students staging dharna outside his office barged into his cabin and debated with him over suspension of six students on Saturday. He has 10 months left in his tenure.

The six students were suspended after the reports of the inquiry into the November clash boarders of New Hostel and Lalitgiri hostel came out. Also, 10 students were warned for involvement in the incident.

While students blamed the VC Sarangi for delay in the probe he had said that the proper examination of all evidences and CCTV footage took time.

Today, after the students stormed into his office and argued with him and threatened him also, he resigned.

“Students here have started speaking political language at the behest of politcial parties who have taken away their interest from studies and using them for politics. Or may be I was not able to run Ravenshaw properly,” said Sarangi.

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