Rationalists Relish Non-Veg Food To Protest ‘Pakatyaga’ Rites During Solar Eclipse


Bhubaneswar: Defying the age-old belief of fasting and non-cooking during solar eclipse, a group of rationalists on Tuesday consumed heavy diet like non-veg food in Bhubaneswar, Berhampur and other places in the State.

In a bid to protest the rites of fasting and no food preparation during eclipse what they call superstition, they appealed to take food and water like normal days as it has no connection with the celestial phenomenon.

As per religious tradition, people should observe ‘Pakatyaga’ (fasting and non-cooking) during solar eclipse. Similarly, Vedic rituals like any auspicious activities or worship, temple rituals are also restricted during the time of eclipse.

As per science, sun is covered by the moon during eclipse and the earth comes under shadow. In the absence of sunlight, digestive system may get affected and bacteria in the food might increase. Consumption of food is restricted due to this reason.

However, rationalists rubbished such belief and appealed to the mass not to go by such things.

Odisha Rationalists Society secretary Debendra Sutar said that solar eclipse is a common and natural phenomenon like day and night, sun rise and sunset.

“As it is said that bacteria in the food might increase during eclipse in the absence of sun, why should we consume food at night or in a rainy day. Some places in the world have six months of day and six months of night in a year. Should people fast for six month there? he asked.

Fasting during eclipse may be harmful to health. So, people should not follow any such superstition without scientific fact, he said.

Another rationalist added that solar or lunar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon. School students also know it. It has no links to consumption of food. Some people are misleading the society in the name of tradition and religion, he added.

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