Rath Yatra 2023: Phuluri Tela Treatment Of Convalescing Trinity Begins


Puri: Lord Jagannath and the sibling deities Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra, who are convalescing in Anasara chamber after falling ill following their symbolic bath during the Debasnana Purnima, underwent the ‘Phuluri Tela’ treatment on Friday. After this, the Holy Trinity will gradually recover.

As per rituals, ‘Phuluri Tela’ prepared by Bada Odia mutt was applied to the deities on the fifth-day of their Ansara period today.

Traditionally, the preparation of this special remedy is a 12-month-long process. It is prepared on Hera Panchami — the fifth day after the Rath Yatra every year and kept underground for 12 months before being dug out and carried to the temple in earthen pots for application on the deities.

As per tradition, the Daita servitors, who are in charge of performing all rituals inside the Srimandir till the completion of Rath Yatra, apply the Phuluri oil on the deities. It is believed that the application of the potion helps in faster recuperation.

The Phuluri oil is provided by Odia mutt. The compositions of the oil are — pure sesame oil, roots of Bena, different fragrant flowers like Jasmine, Jui, Malli. The sesame oil is the base oil of the Phuluri oil. The oil mixed with all the above ingredients is kept in an earthen pot. The pot is sealed with clay and kept in underground since Hera Panchami to Anasara period every year. During Anasara rituals, the Phuluri oil is sent to the temple for treatment of lords, who fall sick (fever) for 14 days after having holy bath on Snana Purnima.

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