Rare Ghol Fish Haul Fetch Paradip Fishermen Rs 5.8 L

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Paradip: A group of fishermen in Odisha’s Paradip have caught several rare Ghol fish locally known as Telia which was sold at a whopping 5.80 lakh.

A total of 11 Ghol fish, known for their medicinal value, were caught by the fisherman from the deep sea in Paradip. The largest fish in the haul weighed around 28 kilograms and was sold for Rs 1,17,600.

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The fish haul has been sold at a maximum of Rs 4,200 per kg. It appears to have been bought by a Kolkata-based businessman today.

Ghol, or Protonibea diacanthus, is considered to be one of the most exotic and expensive species of fish native to the Indo-Pacific region. The heart of the fish is known as the ‘Sea Gold’ which is said to have medicinal properties and is an important ingredient in making a variety of medicines.

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