Ramdev’s ‘Women Look Good Even Not In Dress’ Comment Stokes Controversy


Thane: International Yoga Guru and Patanjali Ayurveda head Baba Ramdev on Sunday set off a controversy by commenting on the dresses and clothes of women.

At an event in Thane of Maharastra, Baba was heard saying that women look good even if they don’t wear anything. The event was also attended by the wife of Maharastra deputy chief minister ans son of chief minister.

The comment drew sharp criticism from various quarters and took a political turn with some opposition slamming the Yoga teacher for such irresponsible comment.

A video that went viral on social media showed Baba purportedly saying “I see everyone looks very happy. You have a happy fortune too. Those in front got a chance to wear sarees. Those at the back did not get a chance. They probably packed and brought sarees from home but did not have time to change,” Ramdev is heard saying in the video, smiling all the while.

“You look beautiful in saree. You also look good in salwar suits, like Amruta ji. And if like me, someone does not wear it, that also looks good,” he then added.

Delhi Women’s Commission chief Swati Maliwal, while condemning the comment said Ramdev should “apologise to the country”. She also posted the video on her social media account.

Trinamool Congress MP came down heavily on the Yoga Guru over his comment.

“Now I know why Patanjali baba ran away from Ramlila Maidan in women’s clothes. He says he likes sarees, salwars and…Clearly got a strabismus in his brain that makes his views so lop-sided,” she tweeted, referring to the incident in 2012, when the yoga teacher was caught trying to dodge the police in a white salwar kameez.

Athani-based lawyer and Congress leader Bheemanagouda Paragonda has filed a complaint against Ramdev for his indecent comments that have allegedly insulted women.

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