Raksha Bandhan: Here are some unique messages from sisters


Cuttack/Bhubaneswar: Raksha Bandhan is the festival that celebrates the bond of love between brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit means ‘bond of protection’ and every year sisters tie ‘Rakhi’ on their brothers’ hand which symbolises the bond of protection. In return, brothers promise to protect their sisters and be with their side forever. Sisters also pray for their brothers’ long and happy life while tying the rakhi on their wrist.

This year, this special day will be celebrated on 15 August 2019 which coincides with 73rd Independence Day.

“There is nothing better than celebrating this heartfelt festival with your brother but there are times when you are not with him to tie rakhi on his wrist. In such a scenario, when your brother is sitting far away in some other city or country, then sending him a beautifully framed Raksha Bandhan message is very thoughtful.”

Here are some unique messages from sisters staying across the state, who have shared their love, affection, and care for their brothers with Pragativadi.

Tapti Majumdar, Head Hr &Admin ELMECH, Bhubaneswar
Tapti Majumdar, Head Hr &Admin ELMECH, Bhubaneswar

Tapti Majumdar: Raksha Bandhan…I wait eagerly for this occasion to come. This year is going to be very wonderful Raksha Bandhan as we both (me & my bro) are in the same city. So I hope this Rakhi we will enjoy the most. My menu for Rakhi is being very delicious. We are also prepared for watching ‘Mission Mangal’ to add up more fun and enjoyment in our celebration. “Brother”- for a girl this word or this relation means a lot. My brother is 5 years younger to me but still, Brother is one who can be your friend, guide, and mentor. This year is again very special for both of us because my brother has started his career with a job and I wish him a bright future with a healthy life, wealthy prosperity and blessed happiness forever. “Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Rakhi,” Tapti concluded.

Sanghamitra Kar, Journalist, Bhubaneswar

Sanghamitra Kar: In my terms, brother is someone who always has your back. He is the one you can always turn to when you are in trouble. He is the one who tortures you the most. He is the one you’re going to cherish the most in your life. This year the celebration of Raksha Bandhan will be a little different. There are so many changes that have already happened and some of the changes are going to happen. For the first time, I’m going to celebrate Raksha Bandhan being away from my home. There won’t be any ‘Arti Thali’. This time my brother has to tie the Rakhi by himself. These changes in tradition are mainly because I’m pursuing my career to achieve goals, dreams and happiness being far away from Raksha Bandhan without your brother.

Sephali Giri, Student, Cuttack

Sephali Giri: The bond between brother and sister is really adorable. It is full of care, love, fight, tears, joy, and protectiveness, all at the same time. Raksha Bandhan means the knot of protection. In Raksha Bandhan, I put a tilak on my brother’s forehead and adorn his wrist with the beautiful Rakhi. By doing this I wish a long and prosperous life for him. Whereas my brother promises to stand by my side during tough times and protect me from all ills and evils.

Subhangi Mohanty, Student, OUAT, Bhubaneswar

Subhangi Mohanty: A Rakhi is a colourful bracelet made of thread that a sister will tie around her brother’s wrist. The Rakhi symbolises the protection that the brothers provide for their sisters. I feel safe knowing I have you by my side. When life throws challenges at me, you will be there. Thank you for this incredible feeling of security! Having a brother like you makes me feel safe in this world. I know I can turn to you if I need help.


Swagatika Dash, Writer, Bhubaneswar

Swagatika Dash: Shattering silence in the air no booming will break my fragile peace, because whenever I look into my brothers’ eyes, I find fire like the summer sky. I float among those sparks with a sense of security because high on the mountain snow, my brothers are there to stop foe’s flow. I find my brother in each Indian soldier and my Rakhis are not meant to remind them the issue of my protection because I know they all will not hesitate to dash against those harsh bullets to protect me and my nation, rather my Rakhis are meant for their safety. Because a sister can deal with the dark evil ages of her life but can’t see her brother bleeding.

Taruniprava Nanda, PostGraduation student, Cuttack


Taruniprava Nanda: Away from my home, away from my natives and far away from my sibling, it is going to be a tough year to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. My body will reside on the beautiful campus of the Central University of Orissa, but only my home can quench the thirst of my soul. The distance cannot trim the emotion, so I feel it is widely necessary for my brother’s wrist to be entangled with the sacred thread. So I have sent Rakhi to my brother and it is a token of my presence to him. This is all how I will celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan this year.

A.K.P. Akshita, Research trainee Imgenex India Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar

A.K.P. Akshita:The word ‘Raksha Bandhan’ doesn’t mean tying Rakhi on a brother’s wrist but it reflects the bond, love, care, and protection that both share for each other not only for a single day but for the lifetime… For me, this occasion is a usual day since childhood as I don’t have brothers to celebrate this occasion. But this year I am really thankful to God and fortunate enough to celebrate this as I met boy we are not related by blood but related by the bond we share and the love we have for each other. Thank you, Kanha for coming to my life and filling that void of not having a brother. The term ‘brother’ for me personifies the connect of being loved, protected and if you are not being connected by blood you can share a bond by connecting souls.

Yasmine Lenka, Research Scholar, Cuttack


Yasmine Lenka: This year is going to be a super Raksha Bandhan for me especially. From the last few years I have been staying outside for further studies and I use to send the Rakhi. But this year, I’m going to celebrate it with my brothers. This year by God grace a new member is being with us and I will be celebrating this Raksha Bandhan with all my brothers it is going to be more fun. Definitely, on this day every sister wishes to God for her brother so as I wish that may God fulfill all their dreams and get all the success in their life and keep them healthy, wealthy and wise.

Lovely Samantaray, student, Cuttack

Lovely Samantaray: This year, I’ll celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a very special way with my brother and cousin in my house, Then I’ll go to my aunt’s house to celebrate it with my other cousins and in the evening there is a small get together with all my siblings….. ‘Rakhi’ is a very special festival for all sisters, as it justifies a beautiful relationship with brothers… ‘Brother’ it’s a god gifted thing, he always saves his sister, he always support his sister and also care for his sister … He always stands for his sister .. my brother younger to me but he plays a very vital role in my life, he supports and encourages me every time.

Anjali Mohanta, Journalist, Bhubaneswar

Anjali Mohanta: This year, Rakhi is going to be very special for me as Independence day will also to be observed on the same day. The love, care, and affection which a brother has, it can only be felt by a sister. It’s easy for me to tell how my brother cares for me. “You do so much for me. I pray for you to have peace, good health, and happiness”.

Monalisa Deo, Teacher, Cuttack

Monalisa Deo: The occasion is meant to celebrate the brother-sister relationship between men and women who may not be biologically related. I have eagerly waited for this moment and here it came. A small message to my brother- “We laugh and cry, we play and fight. We shared moments of happiness and sorrows, which made our bond stronger”.

Suchismita Mohanty, Student, Cuttack

Suchismita Mohanty: On this day, a sister ties Rakhi around the wrist of her brother hoping for his prosperity, health, and well-being. The brother, in return, promises to protect his sister from any harm and under every circumstance and sometimes offers gifts. This year, I have planned to gift him a helmet as he is driving newly and expect a good gift too. Lastly, I want to give a message to all. “It is a ritual and a healthy confession. so, please don’t make it a fashion or show off.” Happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you”.

Baishakhi Dash, Student, Cuttack

Baishakhi Dash: While sisters stay busy tying Rakhis on the hands of their brothers during the festival of Raksha Bandhan, I would like to share my happiness with the Raksha Bandhan messages to our jawans. The pious occasion of Raksha Bandhan reminds me of the days when we were kids. We fought and made up easily. Those lovely days can’t come back but will always stay in my heart. Missing you dear brother on this Raksha Bandhan.

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