Rajya Sabha passes UAPA bill amid criticism by Congress


New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha has passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment (UAPA) Bill, 2019 on Friday with 147 votes against 42.

The Home Minister Amit Shah defended the bill amid criticism by the Congress party which objected to the amendment in the bill. Shah said that acts of terror are committed by ‘individuals’ who continue to use loopholes in the law to carry out unlawful activities.

Shah also accused the Congress of misusing agencies and said that the democracy was sabotaged for political gain during its regime. He said there was no democracy and the press was muzzled during Emergency.

Speaking against the bill, Congress leader P Chidambaram said: “If you see reasons for the amendment, it says ‘to empower NIA’. In passing you say ’empowers Centre to add or remove an individual’s name as a terrorist’. This is the mischief why we are opposing this amendment, we are not opposing Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.”

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