Raja Sankranti: Wishes to share with friends and family


Bhubaneswar: June 14 (Tuesday) marked the beginning of Odisha’s three-day festival – ‘Raja Parba’. The website of Odisha Tourism notes that the very first day of this three-day-long festival is called Pahili Raja, which is also considered the last day of Jestha (summer).

The second day is known as Raja Sankaranti; it is the first day of the month Asadha (monsoon).

In the local dialect, the concluding day is called Bhuin Dahana, also known as Sesa Raja (last day).

As a matter of fact, in some parts of the regions, the festival actually lasts for four days, with the fourth day being Basumata Puja (bathing and praying of mother earth).

Happy Raja 2022

  • Enjoy the Raja festival, which celebrates womanhood! I hope this festival brings you happiness and prosperity. Happy Raja!
  • It is my wish that the aroma of Poda Pitha fills your life with happiness during this Raja festival. Enjoy your Raja festival.
  • Enjoy the Raja Doli with endless excitement and fun. A very Happy Raja to you.
  • A very happy Raja to you. May Lord Jagannath bless you forever.
  • Enjoy mouth-watering poda pitha, chakuli, and other Odia delicacies at this year’s Raja celebration. Enjoy the festival!
  • When you wear new clothes, have alata on your feet, kumkum on your forehead, and mehndi on your hands, you look the most beautiful. Happy Raja!
  • We hope that Raja Paan makes this festival and your life sweeter. Have a wonderful Raja!


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