Raja Festivities: Odisha Govt Appeals For Caution During Shopping, Celebration


Bhubaneswar: The night curfew imposed by the Odisha government has been relaxed for a few hours on Friday to let people go shopping for the upcoming three-day Raja festival.

However, the cautioned government urged people to celebrate Raja with utmost caution and safety in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government also issued guidelines to shopkeepers in a bid to contain the crowd and the virus spread.

Briefing the media, Odisha Government’s Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19 Subroto Bagchi, said, on an average, 10,000 number of coronavirus cases are being reported every day in last 7 days in the country. The situation is grim and there is every possibility that India could be among the top three countries in the world soon.

“Raja is undoubtedly a major festival of Odisha but it is not wise to risk one’s life for it. If we survive the pandemic, we can celebrate Raja in the years to come,” said Subroto Bagchi, chief spokesperson of the government on Covid-19.

In view of the spike in the number of cases, everybody should follow the COVID-19 guidelines such has wearing masks, social distancing and personal hygiene, he said.

He further said that shopkeepers should wear masks all the time in the shop and ask customers to use sanitizers while entering. He appealed customers to avoid crowded shops while doing shopping for Raja.

He also advised all to avoid cash payment and use digital platforms as much as possible.

Earlier, the Special Relief Commissioner’s (SRC) office tweeted that night curfew on June 12 will be effected from 10 pm instead of 7 pm.

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