Rain Fury: Water flows over bridges in Malkangiri district


Malkangiri: Vehicular transport between Malkangiri and several other blocks was completely disrupted after water flowed over bridges in the affected blocks in the district.

According to sources, water is flowing at least a couple of feet over the bridges in MV-90, Poteru, Kankoraokonda, Kanyashram, and Korkunda areas. Making it impossible to cross the structures, road communication between Malkangiri-Kalimela, Kalimela-Padia, and Kalimela-Motu were severely affected.

Incessant rain in the district for the past few days has caused swelling of the water bodies at many places in the district leading to the flash-flood like situation.

Meanwhile, hundreds of vehicles were seen stranded on both sides of the bridges.

Besides, the Malkangiri district administration has issued an alert in view of the flood-like situation in the district.

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