Rail Services Across Hong Kong Suspended After Violent Protests


Hong Kong: A day after angry protestors vandalise business and railway stations over government’s introduction of a new anti-mask law, the rail services in Hong Kong remained suspended on Saturday.

The MTR Corporation in a statement said, “All MTR services covering the Heavy Rail including Airport Express, Light Rail and MTR bus cannot be resumed this morning.”

“After the outbreak of violence at multiple districts, maintenance staff have to make sure of their own safety before they could travel to the damaged stations to inspect and assess the extent of damages at our stations, and to carry out repair works,” the statement said, adding that the closure would be reviewed later on Saturday.

All train services were suspended on Friday amid violent protests sparked by a ban on protesters wearing face masks, as the government imposed emergency powers not used in more than half a century.

The ban was aimed at quelling nearly four months of unrest but instead sparked widespread clashes and vows of defiance, with a 14-year-old boy reportedly shot and wounded.

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