Quick & Easy 4-Step-Guide to Choose the Right Inverter with Battery


Choosing an inverter with the right kind of battery isn’t rocket science if you know what to look for when you are out in the market hunting for a new home power backup system. As a consumer, it stays to be informed about the products you intend to buy, and an inverter with battery shouldn’t be any different.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing an inverter

Power Vs Capacity

When buying an inverter with battery you have to factor in both of them to get the desired output during a power cut. An inverter low on power and a battery low on capacity won’t do you any good; therefore, when choosing an inverter and battery make it a point to have a fair balance. Quick tip, the higher the VA rating of the inverter, the more power it can deliver. Similarly, the higher the Ah of an inverter battery, the more load it can handle.

Technology is the key

If you want the most efficient inverter for your home, it’s best to invest in the latest technology. When it comes to the battery, choose a battery that’s manufactured using high-pressure type gravity casting as that ensures maximum service life and low cost of maintenance, compared to a battery manufactured using the other two methods, i.e., low-pressure gravity type casting, and the gravity casting method.

Service Life and Maintenance

It’s best to explore options before choosing one. Read up on a lot of customer reviews to find out which inverter with battery is doing great in the service life and maintenance department. Even if you have to spend a little extra initially, the money you spend in acquiring such an inverter will pay off in the long run due to lower maintenance costs and will last for years. So, as a rule of thumb, spending a little extra on quality isn’t going to hurt.

Pick your Options

There are multiple types of inverters with battery options available in the market, so take your pick as we show you 3 of the best inverters with battery.

Regalia Series

                             Source: Luminous

A pure sine wave inverter comes with integrated Lithium ion batteries, and offer 3x more life, and charges 3X faster compared to other battery types. With no hanging wires& Wi-Fi/App connectivity this is the perfect inverter with a long backup and is completely safe in a household with children.

Icon Series

                                 Source: Luminous

This is an ergonomically designed pure sine inverter with battery cabinet which makes it a integrated series with a modern design. The inverter supports low voltage fast charging from 90 V and features no open wires as the battery is encapsulated in the inverter itself.

Zelio + V2

                                    Source: Luminous

It’s India’s most intelligent UPS, with a 32-bit DSP processor inbuilt into the unit. If you are a fan of a sleek display, hassle-free maintenance and MCB protection. If you have a small home and want an inverter to provide efficient power during an outage, you should check out the Zelio+.

So if you are planning to buy an inverter with battery for your home, Luminous has a stellar range of inverter and batteries across a range of budget, power and design options that you won’t find anywhere else. They are renowned for manufacturing the best-in-class inverters and batteries across the GEL, tubular and flat plate battery range that’s unrivaled in the market. So, do check out their range while you search for your favorite inverter.

Getting an inverter with battery for your home is a decision taken once in several years. Therefore, it’s crucial that the money you spend on buying one gives you the maximum returns in terms of service life, maintenance costs and overall efficiency throughout its lifecycle. So, now that you know the points you should be looking out for when buying an inverter with battery, make the best of it!




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