Qantas Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Mayday Call


Sydney: A Qantas Airways QAN.AX flight made an emergency landing at Sydney airport after making a mayday call, apparently because of an engine problem.

The flight, carrying more than 100 passengers from New Zealand, experienced an issue with one of its two engines about an hour from Sydney.

A Qantas spokesperson, prior to the aircraft’s landing said the Boeing BA.N 737-800 jet from Auckland had issued a “mayday” call while flying over water an hour from its destination of Sydney.

The mayday signal, which indicates grave and imminent danger, was downgraded to “Possible Assistance Needed” before landing, the spokesperson added.

As many as 12 fire trucks were on standby as a precaution before the plane was due to land.

According to officials, the aircraft is capable of landing with one engine. Flight radar data shows the plane lost altitude and speed less than one hour after taking off.

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