Pvt school goers better performer than state run school kids


Bhubaneswar: Private school goers are better performers than those who enroll at state run schools in Odisha, a report by the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) released by HRD Ministry said on Thursday.

Stating that government school children are poor in learning compared to their private counterparts the report claimed that 45.5 per cent of government-run school and 60.7 per cent of private school kids of Class V could read standard level Class II texts in 2010 but over the period to 2016 there is a marked escalation in percentage of private school students who could read the same text while the state run school kids faltered. The report said about 48.8 per cent and 81.47 per cent of state run and government run school kids were able to comprehend the texts.

Besides, the number of children enrolled in the private schools (Class I to V) increased from 5 to 12 per cent.

The survey which encompassed 25,595 children in state also revealed the poor English learning abilities of the students with 51 per cent of kids not able to recognize capital alphabets.

The reports are very worrying since the state government is making tall claims of developments in education scenario, an official said telling that it is like an eye opener.

Meanwhile Director of Primary Education Programme Authority said that the government has been doing everything possible to improve education in the state. “We have been planning a third party assessment of the ground zero learning achievements of kids,” he said.

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