Puri Shankaracharya takes darshan of Holy Trinity


Puri: As devotees poured into the Pilgrim town to watch the grand ceremony of Rath Yatra on the ‘Bada Danda’, the Shankaracharya of Puri Govardhana Peeth had a darshan of the Holy Trinity on the chariots along with His disciples.

Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati arrived to have darshan of the deities as ‘Pahandi Bije’ came to an end. As per schedule, the Shankaracharya of the Govardhan Peeth paid his tributes to the deities before the conduct of the Chhera Panhara rituals.

The ‘pahandi’ of the deities began on time, after a number of special rituals like ‘Mangla Arati’ and ‘Mailam’. The ‘Abakasha’ and other rituals were performed and the deities were offered ‘Gopal Bhog’ (breakfast).

Amid chanting of ‘haribol’ and devotional songs, blowing of conch shells and the striking symphony of cymbals, the temple servitors took the deities on their shoulders from ‘Ratna Bedi’ (throne of jewels) to their well-decorated chariots near Singha Dwara and placed them on their respective chariots.

The Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century AD, perhaps in 810 AD, visited Puri and established a mutt known as Govardhan Peeth. He took adequate care of the temple of Shree Jagannath, which, as per mythological narrations, was existent in this Neeladri or Blue Mountain.

The Adi Shankaracharya introduced the ritualistic procedure in the temple. He, by using his inner eyes, found the Trinity, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath, being kept in “Patali” in order to save the idols from invaders.

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