Puri admin issues notice to owner of stranded Malayasian cargo ship


Puri: Puri district administration today issued a notice to the owner of the Malaysian cargo ship ‘Jin Hwa32’ to remove the ship stranded at Rajhans beach in Chilika lake.

As per reports, the owners of the cargo ship have been asked to extract all the oil within two days and shift the ship away from the eco-sensitive waters of Chilika within seven days.

Puri Collector Balwant Singh has informed that the staff of the cargo vessel are using a 700 metre long pipe to extract oil from the ship. The oil extraction process started on Wednesday and is currently underway.

Notably, the ship carrying cargo from Malaysia had unloaded its shipment in Bangladesh and was on its way to the Vishakhapatnam port to pick up new cargo when it was caught in a storm in the Bay of Bengal and drifted towards Odisha coast. Since then the ship had been stranded in Rajhans due to a major technical glitch in the engine.

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