Purba Ranga National Theatra Fest stage ‘Dharma Yudha’


Bhubaneswar: A Jodhpur based theatre organization Ramat Theatre Group portrayed beautifully the sorry state of women in our society and how those who dare to question are brutally silenced.

At a time when the authorities take offence of questions and religious matters are given precedence over sensible thinking, the play performed here in the city at Rabindra mandap as part of the ‘Purba Ranga” National theatre festival was well appreciated by the audience.

Over the years women in our society have never been treated equally with the male counterparts. They have been forced to hide their identities behind the men in their lives. They have never been allowed to raise questions about their existence or the roles they are forced to play.

Through the protagonist “Padma” writer and director of the play Arjjun Deo Charan has shown a woman’s plights at different stages and how from her parents to her husband (a rich man with burnt face who deceptively marries her) and her society mistreated her for questioning about the ill-treatments she has been meted out.

In a society where men think women as their shoes which can be changed when needed and people use religion and god to demonize women for no fault of theirs, this play bears a strong message of change challenging the so called patriarchs to accept the change and teach good thing to generations to come or perish.

The play was performed on the second day of the festival that is organized by Eastern Zone Cultural Centre and Odisha NatyaSangha. The festival that started on November 5 will continue till November 10.

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