Pujahari’s halter on VIMSAR medicos


Even though VIMSAR always remains in news for all wrong reasons, the appointment of Pujahari, a retired Defence doctor from the region, as the director emerged as a positive step to improve the situation in the medical college.

As the new director cracked the whip, the doctors were forced to remain physically present during work hours in the hospital. The sting operation led by Pujahari to catch doctors red-handed during private practice and revealing it before the media has not been well received by the profit-mongering medicos.

However, Pujahari’s style of functioning didn’t go down well with a section of doctors who were working at will and making a killing by doing private practice instead of serving at the hospital.

This apart, the step towards pulling up students for coming late to classes and complaining about it to their parents further isolated the director from doctors and students alike.

Being frustrated over the long neglect, people found a savior in the new director and rallied behind him.

On the other hand PG students used their strong arm tactics by pelting stones at Pujahari’s residence and even resorted to cease work to paralyze health services in the medical institution.

However, the media and people of Odisha stood against the ill-practice and backed Pujahari who emerged as a silver lining amid the deteriorating scenario of medical services at VIMSAR.


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