PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon, Official Teaser Hints

New Delhi: PUBG Mobile is coming back to India under a new name and an Indian subsidiary. PUBG Mobile India creators have also released a teaser on its official YouTube channel.

The teaser shared by PUBG Mobile India shows three famous Indian PUBG Mobile gamers who go by the names Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan being bored, probably thinking about PUBG Mobile and missing it while doing regular daytime tasks like cooking, having tea, or just sitting on a couch. Each clip is supported with subtitles saying ‘Missing the excitement?,’ ‘Missing the Pan?,’ ‘Missing the Thrill?,’ and ‘Missing the Chicken Dinner?’. Each clip is separated by a PUBG Mobile India logo and a ‘coming soon’ chapter plate. While it may not have hinted at the game’s capabilities, the new teaser has instead revealed what the PUBG Mobile India icon will look like. The logo is similar to the original PUBG Mobile logo, with the addition of ‘India’ at the bottom, written in tri-colours.

Since the announcement of the Indian version, players have wondered if they will get their ID’s back as well as if they will be able to play with other versions.

The creators had last week said that PUBG Corp’s parrent company KRAFTON plans to invest about $100 million (roughly Rs 744 crores) in India to push video games, Esports, along with the entertainment and IT industries.