PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Event Leaked


New Delhi: PUBG Mobile users will soon get a chance to take on mummies, sandstorms, and more mythical monsters as possible details from the upcoming Ancient Secret Event has been leaked.

As per a gameplay video shared on YouTube by Royal Kraken, in the new mode, the game would begin like a regular matchup on the Erangel map. However, massive sandstorms would soon cover up the screen, leading to the appearance of a mammoth sandy figure from within a huge structure. This monster would then help materialize three buildings which look straight out of ancient Egypt.

The loot in these buildings is top tier, and there are puzzles to get even more loot. Players can defeat a mummy to get the best guns and armor in the game. Players have to jump off these buildings and use parachutes to reach land or other floating buildings around.

Besides this, other details about the next season has been leaked by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. The supposed trailer of the upcoming season has also been leaked. According to leaks the upcoming season is set to feature the Royale Pass called ‘Spark The Flame’.

Some of the sets leaked seem to be inspired from the Egyptian mythology. The posters, frames, as well as the rewards have been showed in the video. There are new skins, costumes, headgear coming with the next season. As for the trailer it seems to be show the character skins that have been leaked which means that it is possibly real.

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