Propose day today!


Valentine’s Week is special for couples as the week is dedicated to sharing feelings and expressing love and affection. The second day of Valentine’s Week is Propose day. From looking for the perfect ring to making the perfect speech, Propose Day is one of the most romantic days in Valentine’s Week.

This day is meant for those who want to accept the love they have for someone and express their feelings to them. It is a perfect day to start a new relationship by proposing your potential partner and make him or her feel special. Propose day is the best day to be more clear of what you want if the relationship.

It is not important that only single people can propose their potential partners, the already married people who couples can also refresh their memories and sparkle the love for each other on this day.

You can choose one of the favourite spots of your partner to surprise and propose them. It can be anything between their favorite restaurant, favourite beach, moonlight dinner, a game night, cooking night, etc.


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