Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP At Congress Satyagraha; Highlights From Her Speech Here


New Delhi: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Sunday came down heavily on the BJP in the Congress’s day-long satyagraha in Rajghat over Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the Lok Sabha and said PM Modi is a coward and as it happens in Hindu culture, all proud kings are defeated.

Here are the top quotes from Priyanka Gandhi’s speech:

1. “You insult my martyr father in Parliament. You call his son Mir Jafar. You insult my mother. One of your CMs says Rahul Gandhi does not even know who his father is.”

2. “Your Prime Minister insults the entire family as he says the family should use Nehru’s surname. But there is no case against you. No one takes you out of Parliament.”

3. “Why is this happening? Because we have been silent for long. What did my brother say? He went to PM Modi and hugged him. He said there is no hatred despite ideological differences.”

4. “You call us ‘parivarvadi’. Then who was Lord Ram? Were Lord Ram, and Pandavas ‘parivarvadi’ that they stood up for their families? Should we then feel ashamed that our family sacrificed their blood for the country?”

5. “My brother studied in the two most prestigious educational institutes of the world. You did not see his degree, but made him Pappu with the help of the media. Then you found out that he is not a Pappu and lakhs of people are walking with him.”

6. “Do you know the man who brought the case against my brother put a stay on his own case last year? And when did the case reopen? After Rahul Gandhi’s speech on Adani.”

7. “The prime minister of this country is a coward. Yes, file a case against me and put me in jail too. He is a proud and coward. Our country has the tradition of defeating a proud king.”

8. “My family taught me that this country speaks with heart. And I know today is the day from when everything will be different.”

9. “I know how much pressure the media has. But wake up as the democracy is under threat. If the government bars an opposition leader from contesting election for eight years, it is dangerous.”

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