Priest stabbing goes on air live in Canada


Ottawa: In a horrific incident, a priest was stabbed before congregation at Canada’s biggest church on Friday as it was being live streamed on television.

The police have, however, described the gory incident as an isolated incident. News agencies said the priest was “slightly wounded in the upper body”.

According to the available footage, a man clad in jeans, parka and white baseball cap approached Claude Grou at St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

He is seen chasing the priest around the altar and standing menacingly over the 77-year-old as he falls to the ground.

The attacker did this gruesome act of stabbing in front of 60 parishioners.

Eye witness account said the priest was about to start reading the gospel, when “this man drew a knife and ran up to stab him.”

Grou recovered enough to get to his feet and is seen backing away as security officers surround the assailant.

The guards restrained him while others tended to Grou who was in a state of shock.

Reports said the condition of the priest was stable in the hospital.

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