Price revision under Central Motor Vehicle rule implemented


New Delhi:  The latest amendment in the Central Motor Vehicles Rule has brought about a noticeable increase in fee of license, driving test and fitness tests. The information was published in the official gazette and has been implemented from Friday.

Assistant Regional Transport Officer(Administration) Ranjeet Singh has said that since the fee has been increased for the first time after 1989, there has a huge gap between the old and the new fee.

The major revision in the fee structure as per the new rule includes;

  • The procedure of issuing of a driving license including driving tests which used to cost Rs 250 will now cost Rs 500 and further with every time an individual sits for a repeat driving test, the fee would further increase by Rs 300.
  • A learning license that was earlier issued with a fee of Rs 30 has been increased to Rs 150 with an extra charge of driving test fee of Rs 50.
  • Issue of international driving permit has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 1000, addition of another class of vehicle to driving license from Rs 50 to Rs 100.
  • Fee for renewal of driving license will continue to be Rs 200, fee for renewal of driving license for which application is made after the grace period has been increased from Rs 150 to Rs 300.
  • The fee for conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of certificate of fitness has been increased from Rs 60 to Rs 200, the fee for manual and automated motorcycles has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs 400, the fee for three wheeler or light motor vehicle or quadricycle has been increased from Rs 400 to Rs 600 including both manual and automated and fee for medium or heavy motor vehicle including both manual and automated has been increased from Rs 600 to Rs 1000.

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