Price of onions escalates in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: The price of onions and potatoes has shot up in Odisha’s wholesale and retail markets within a week indicating a steep hike in the days to come.

According to sources, the prices of the most needed vegetables- onion and potato- nearly double within a week i.e. it rose from Rs 15 to Rs 30.

Reportedly, the retail price of onions in the state was  recorded Rs 12/kg and was sold at Rs 15/kg in the market last month. But the price suddenly hiked to Rs20-Rs22/kg last week and eventually landed at Rs 30/kg this week.

Similarly, the price of potatoes that was Rs 10/kg last week rose to Rs 15/kg this week.

The state has to depend on Maharashtra for Onions, but flood in Nashik has hampered the onion import from the city in Maharashtra.

On the other hand, import of potatoes from  West Bengal was hit due to the ongoing strike by the West Bengal Truck Owners’s Association .

The market is receiving less quantity of onions due to seasonal changes and rains that have started lashing across the country.

The climate change is said to be the reason behind the shortfall in production, and in turn, arrivals at the market, which threaten to push the prices up steeply in the coming weeks.

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