Pregnant woman carried on stretcher to reach ambulance in Koraput


Dasamantapur: A pregnant woman was carried on a makeshift bamboo stretcher to the waiting ambulance at Naragachha village under Dasamantapur in Koraput district on Sunday.

The 102 ambulance could not reach the village due to lack of motorable road. Reports said that Dipti, wife of Anand Jani of Naragachha village, developed labour pain and the ambulance was called in. But,  the driver of vehicle expressed his inability to reach her house.

The road was interspersed with ditches and boulders and it was almost impossible to drive the ambulance to the woman’s house. The relatives and family members of the pregnant woman then carried her on a stretcher to the ambulance parked nearly a km away from her house.

The woman was immediately boarded to the vehicle and taken to Dasamantapur community health centre to be attended to by doctors.

Villagers of Dasamantapur alleged that their pleas have gone unheeded for years and the administration has not been receptive to their demand for road connectivity. The villagers of Naragachha, Gaisil and Nokimala have demanded that their lives have become miserable due to lack of road connectivity.

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