Praising PM: DAV management’s bid to involve students on Kashmir issue raises eyebrow


Bhubaneswar: The DAV managing committee in New Delhi has embarked on a bid to eulogize the Prime Minister on his government’s move on Kashmir issue.

The reports said that the DAV authority in Delhi has shot letters to all the institutions in Odisha Zone asking the students and their parents to sign on documents approving the decision of the Centre on scrapping of Article 370 and bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir into UTs as historic.

The letter, copies of which were circulated to the students, has also asked them to put their signatures on the documents which read that with the abrogation of Article 370, terrorism will take a nosedive and employment opportunities to grow aplenty in the state.

The directives given by the DAV management in Delhi to Odisha Zone schools have raised eyebrows relating to the intent of such action. This has invited sharp reactions from the students, parents as well as teachers of the concerned institutions.

They said when the entire Kashmir Valley is currently under siege and reeling under a complete information blackout, they fail to understand why the DAV authorities are trying their level best to arrange commendable letters from the students and their parents for the Prime Minister on Kashmir issue.

Observers maintained that the purpose of DAV authorities could not be fathomed at this juncture when the nation is still in dark about the happenings in Jammu and Kashmir although over eight days have elapsed since the passing of the special bill in the Parliament on this score. Expressing dismay over such a direction, the observers said there seems to be something fishy when the DAV management is trying to meddle in the affair by involving students and their parents.

When contacted by Pragativadi, the Public Relation Officer(PRO) of Chandrasekharpur DAV School, Debendra Pati, did not give a satisfactory answer to the queries and tried to evade most of the posers.

Pati said this was not a new exercise by DAV management and added that it invites valuable opinion from the students on different topics from time to time. He, however, did not elucidate on which topics the previous exercises were conducted involving students and parents.

The DAV zonal management here could not be contacted over the issue.

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