Pradyumna Bal Is A Movement, Pragativadi Is Voice Of Voiceless: Pratap Jena


Bhubaneswar: The patriarch of Odisha Journalism, Pradyumna Bal was not only a journalist but also a social movement and his creation ‘Pragativadi’ has been acting as a voice of enormous voiceless people, said former minister and MLA Pratap Jena on Tuesday.

Taking part in a discussion on ‘value-based journalism’ on the occasion of Pradyumna Bal Jayanti celebration, Jena said that Pragativadi always leads the way to unbiased journalism.

“I always trust Pragativadi as an unbiased newspaper. I prefer this Odia daily first among others in the morning only for its unbiased nature,” he said.

Highlighting Pradyumna Bal’s vast area of wisdom, Jena said that Bal was not only a journalist, but also a movement. “Pradyumna Babu is bold, an uncompromising star in the journalism sphere, a voice of countless people, a true value-based journalist,” Jena said.

Rajya Sabha Member and media advisor of Odisha Government Manas Mangaraj, who was also a journalist, focused on Bal’s teaching which acts as a source of inspiration for all scribes in today’s generation.

“Pradyumna Bal was a source of inspiration in value-based journalism. The newspaper should be the voice of the downtrodden. Media should reflect the naked picture of the society. But, it is a matter of concern that now-a-days journalism lacks its prime objectives,” the MP rued.

MP Manas Mangaraj addressing the ceremony

While advising the young journalists to refrain from doing yellow journalism and exaggeration stories, the parliamentarian also requested the readers to renounce from giving mileage to such news and encourage such scribes.

“Now-a-days almost all media houses are TRP and circulation oriented. But, I see Pragativadi is an exception to it, he said.

Bhubaneswar MLA Susant Rout, who was another guest on the occasion, said efforts should be made in government level to make this day a day of value-based journalism. This day should be celebrated across the State. “I request all the journalists of Pragativadi and others to prioritise it,” he said.

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