Practice These Yoga Asanas For A Healthy Uterus


New Delhi: Yoga exercises have the potential of bringing amazing changes to your health. Stressful life, hectic working schedules, and bad eating habits have affected the health of many. As a result, many people are experiencing fertility issues. Yoga increases blood circulation to the uterus and keeps it healthy.


Popularly known as the plough pose, halasana is a very simple yet effective yoga posture that comes along with various benefits for your health. Performing halasana on a regular basis can help you to get rid of the back fat by stretching up your spine and increasing flexibility. Moreover, this yoga asana also helps in stimulating digestion and providing relief from various digestive issues such as constipation and gastritis. When it comes to reproductive and uterus health, this yoga posture works upon the lower abdomen and helps in the better functioning of the reproductive organs.


Balasana is said to be beneficial for treating uterus conditions such as endometriosis by reducing the symptoms such as pain, stress and tension in the uterus lining. It also elevates pelvic pain and helps in improving uterus health. Follow the given steps to ease out the pelvic pain and reduce the stress on the uterus with the help of balasana or the child’s pose.


A term derived from the Sanskrit language, the word bhujang means cobra/snake and asana means posture; it translates to the cobra pose. One of the most beneficial poses in the array of different yoga postures, cobra posture is known for its myriad health benefits. From providing a stretch to your spine and back muscles to soothing sciatica and from toning buttocks to relieving fatigue, there is no such thing that this marvellous posture cannot do.

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