Prabarana or Odhana Sasthi observed in Puri Srimandir

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Puri: On the occasion of “Margasira Shukla Pakhya Sasthi Tithi” or the sixth day of the bright fortnight of “Margasira” month (today), the auspicious ritual of “Prabarana” or the “Odhana Sasthi” is being observed in the Puri Jagannath temple.

From this day, the deities are adorned with winter clothes which continues till “Basanta Shukla Chaturthi Tithi”. This attire is known as the “Ghoda lagi Besha”. On this day the Sevaks perform “Mailama” ritual of the deities after the completion of “Sakala Dhupa”.

The servitors then carry the “Ghodas” in a procession from the “Bhoga Mandapa” after taking the “Haatuani” and circumambulate the main temple thrice and finally place the same on the “Ratnasinghasana”.

After this, the servitors then prepare the “Paga and Ghoda” using the “Patani, Boirani and Khandua” clothes, followed by “Chha Murti Alankar lagi” and then the “Prasad Lagi” ritual is performed. After the “Bandapana” ritual is conducted and other rituals are followed.

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